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How Positive Kitchen can help the schools, hospitals and other public institutions around London, serve meals that stick to the planetary health diet by 2030


Helping Sustainability London

Across 3 different continents, the pledge promising to tackle the climate crisis by limiting the amount of meat served in public institutions has now been signed by 14 different mayors from 14 major cities, including the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. By signing the declaration, the committed Mayors will aim to achieve the planetary health diet target with ensuring the balanced and nutritious food indigenous to each city’s culture, geography and demography.

The Planetary Health Diet is flexible and can be adjusted across all culinary traditions and advocates the use of whole grains, plant proteins and unsaturated plant oils, whilst ensuring a 50% reduction in meat consumption. Scientists have predicted that, if adopted by all, the diet could help sustain the environment by dramatically reducing emissions and thus save 11 million lives a year.

Currently the 13% of London’s total emissions stem from food consumption alone, with 75% of that coming from the production of animal products. These figures are why City Hall is aiming to have schools, hospitals and other public institutions around London, serve meals that stick to the planetary health diet by 2030.

Not only ensuring that all public institutions serve meals in accordance to the planetary diet, they will also be introducing new regulations to what food is imported into the city and implement new policies to address issues surrounding sustainability, food wastage and promote a more environmentally sound global food system affordable and accessible for all.

Shirley Rodrigues, London’s Deputy Mayor of Environment and Energy said: “Tackling the climate emergency demands action at all levels – businesses, local authorities and other public sector bodies could increase the amount of sustainable food they provide. I look forward to working with other cities on our shared ambition to make the food systems healthier for people and better for the planet.”

Senior Scientist at Greenpeace, Reyes Tirado had this to say “We are in a climate emergency, fuelled by significant part by excessive industrial meat production and consumption. We have no time to lose. These city leaders have recognised the power they have in reducing meat. It’s time for more cities to swiftly follow suit.”

That is where Positive Kitchen can help! We are an environmentally-friendly and allergen friendly food brand, having our very own bakery unit that is solely producing some of the most innovative plant-based bakery products currently on offer in the UK. We provide a range which has evolved and now encompasses a variety of baked and raw goods, features traditional bites, and well-loved favourites. We also manufacture in a low environmental impact facility, and use packaging which is 100% biodegradable and fully compostable. With traceability and transparency at our company’s core, Positive Kitchen + Co strive to create delicious and revolutionary products that are full of flavour and charged with goodness.


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