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How Can I Help Keep My Customers Happy?


Lets Make a Positive Impact

Traybake cakes might be a good place to start!

As a coffee shop, cafe or restaurant we know what you are up against!

With the ever growing demand from customers the challenge is keeping up. The customers complex needs and wants are changing from customer to customer with the fast pace influence coming from the news, social media and an abundance of information shaping trends.

Here are just a few of the needs and demands that the customers of 2020 are looking for from their cafe, coffee shops and restaurants they choose to visit in the uk.

We Know What You Are Up Against vegan overview

This can leave you running around in circles trying to guess what is best, perhaps over offering in the hope to try and cater for everyone’s requirements. Get it wrong and it leads to too much waste equalling your hard earned money going in the bin.

Here are a couple of statistics that demonstrate how the demographic is changing around food purchases.

The Statistics on vegan poster

A quarter of all British people will be vegetarian in 2025 and half of us will identify as flexitarian (up from 20% today) The Future of Food Report

About four in ten consumers (38%) said they believe vegan food had a positive impact on the environment and 69% saw plant-based products as a solution to prevent or solve food shortages. Puratos’ Taste Tomorrow

Imagine what money you could save in your coffee shop or cafe if we work together?

Imagine what we could achieve working together

We can help you deliver what your customers want to make sure you are a step above the rest!

Our products have universal appeal and with everything from classic to signature flavours there will be flavours that work for you. All our ingredients are clean, with no added nasties, low in saturated fat and nutritionally packed. Our Wholesale Traybakes for the trade are completely plant based and sustainable with clear labelling from a dedicated allergen friendly site.

We are here for you! Let’s talk cake!



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